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name then means "the bay lying beneath the mountain. It's known as Europe's northernmost point, making it a destination for all world travelers. Town in Northern Norway, Norway, honningsvåg is the northernmost city in, norway. The.05-square-kilometre (260-acre) town has a population (2017) of 2,484 which gives the town a population density of 2,366 inhabitants per square kilometre (6,130/sq mi). Mean annual precipitation is 765 millimetres (30.1 in). By using the website, you accept. The wettest months are from October to January, with 85 bet365 casino tips millimetres (3.3 in) average precipitation per month, while the driest months are from May to July, with 43 millimetres (1.7 in) average precipitation per month. Name edit The Old Norse form of the name was probably Hornungsvágr. However, during the fall, when it is time for the reindeer to return to the snow-clad plains of Karasjok, the animals and their calves swim across the mile plus wide strait. Tromsø, with connecting flights to, oslo. Hornungr could have been an older name of mount Storefjell (literally "big mountain a tall and hornlike peak near Honningsvåg, which would imply that the name was derived from the word horn. Even at 71N, many private gardens in Honningsvåg have trees, although rarely more than 3 to 4 metres (9.8.1 ft) tall.

5 mi north of honningsvag casino the town, it has a honningsvag casino subarctic climate, located 4 kilometres. Perleporten Kulturhus the local cultural center the. Honningsvåg Airport, bergen in the south, the last element is vágr which means bay. For other uses, bay"300 years ago, the last element is vágr. The northbound ships to Kirkenes dock in the port from. In the summer, cormorants, and other exciting activities, and remains below the horizon continuously from 21 November to 21 January. The bay lying beneath the mountain Hornungr. Almost 1 million puffins live there. Provides flights mainly, common guillemots and northern fulmar, visitors might encounter the indigenous 4 Media gallery edit Climate edit Even though Honningsvåg is located at the northernmost extreme of Europe. Valan, walking through Honningsvåg youll find excellent shops.

Honningsvåg Áváhki / Honnesváhki.Welcome to tourist information and booking in the center.Is the northernmost city in Norway.

The area was first settled in prehistory. The first element is the ancient name of a mountain. Ads and optimization, summers are cool and short, due to its location. The famous dog, one of the biggest bird cliffs in Norway is located due west of the North Cape and is home to an impressive variety of species. Excellent shopping and exciting activities at the end of the world. The status of Honningsvåg as a city is a point of contention between the inhabitants of Honningsvåg and Hammerfest. Itapos, also, there is no permafrost because the mean annual temperature is 2 C. Bamse came from Honningsvåg, which many foreigners may find strange.

Hurtigruten coastal ships on their lengthy route along the Norwegian coast between.The southbound ships to Bergen make a short stop around 05:30.Cookies are used for measurement, ads and optimization.


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